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Bharati and Dinesh have been singing, chanting and sharing the path of devotion with our local community for the last twelve years. We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the Cotswolds, near Stroud.

Our music is a combination of Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh mantras and chants, accompanied by harmonium, guitar and tabla or dholak drum. We have been inspired by the music of Goma, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Amma, Jai-Jagdeesh and many others.

Since holding our first satsang evening in our home in 2006 we have been asked to play at various yoga camps and festivals, interfaith celebrations and retreats, weddings and birthday celebrations.

We both feel very clear that sharing kirtan is not about ‘us’, but more about creating a space together where we all feel held and safe and where we all feel able to let go and unfold in the arms of the Divine, and begin to experience the love and connection we all yearn for. The music and the chants can take us into a space deep within ourselves and yet we do not forget that ‘we are all in this boat together’ helping each other to cross the Ocean of Samsara.

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